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DigHayZoose - D.H.Z. lyrics

As ya start 2 catch the vibes from the freaky fab four
Your brain starts a squirmin' as your body hits the floor
You're a pumpin' your booty
& you're brain's going shooty
Codin' intellectual juices cause HayZoose gives a doody
Be it in a little Datsun or Chevy truck o'doom jump on in the
Spotty Buick cause there's always extra room but ya better B
Prepared cause we don't got central air but one thing's
4 sure pa**ers by are gonna stare


Well we got a Funky friend we call 'em one take Jim
Diggin psychofunky tunes from the dude 2 the end Layin
Down the funky grooves puttin' people through the
Moves got it down 2 an art should be hangin Louvre!
Billy is a slappin makin' picky pappys would ya like ta
see his nakin's funky Bub ain't slackin' putting bees in my bops & the hips in your hops Punky Twinz to the end
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Bil & Jim won't stop

D-I-G (Fire in the hole)

The move the groove of my buddies & me
Let your mind go free we'll teach u all 2 C
On the stage in a rage at the tone turn the page

Caution 2 the kiddies cause I'm jumpin' on the mike
Vocals bustin so high they might scare the little tyke
Up & down like stairs trillin' round without a care
Spinnin'-bumpin' onstage like I'm dancing on air
& now we come 2 Dave he's our G-string fave
Crunchy grinds & grunts that alway schmooze the babes
It's with brothers a that our earthy spirits soar and
The Funky Zoose boys gets ya all ta hit tha floor

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