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DigHayZoose - Brighter Daze lyrics

I'm in the shadow of the Big House
More and more each day
It's been like this for most of my life
And I'm glad it's here to stay
This all began when I was five
As I walked up the stairs
Saw the looks from all the pa**ersby
But man I could never care

I'm on the walkway to the brighter days ahead
I tell you people I'm on my way
I see His footprints glow upon the path I tread
Giant shadows on a sunny day

I marvel at the wonders of the Big House
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In a special way
Covered by forgiveness cause there are no secrets here
And I like it that way
I'd like to meet you at the door
Cause I want to see your face
After all this is what love is for
And you hold a special place

I'm washed over in the colors of the Big House
With my eyes open wide
Won't you look down through my pupils to the castle of my soul
I'd like to show you Who's inside
The continuum is never fading
Not just a house but a home
It is here that I find the peace and understanding
That comforts me when I'm alone

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