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DigHayZoose - H8 Machine lyrics

Segregates sound
Moving forward in your own mind
Endless oppression
The truth of this is hard to find
Color blinds your eye
Your global cause is undermined
Collapsing from within
This hate machine you have designed
Corrosion on your reservations
You drop another coin into the hate machine
Boundaries remain
Replaced there by your hate religion
Centuries of pain
Exhumed within your fevered passion
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Thrown before the world to be judged
This court in session
Imploring minds now turn (away)
The nation nods your decision
Corrosion on your reservations
You pull the lever down upon the hate machine
The grinding gears now turn
The hate machine will not be barred
Crushing souls now shamed and guilty
Leaving shells only blackeded charred
Fuel upon the fire
I have seen this future vision
It (the fuel) is the same one that drove the very first racism
Corrosion on your reservations
We must try and stop the hate machine

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