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DigHayZoose - Doubt lyrics

...and then the days grew cold
shudder children to gather together
in the warmth of the firelight's glow

...and the ground grew cold
split like the skin and parched
like the hollow of a dead man's bones

I've been waiting for You
such a long time
sometimes I think
You ain't never comin' back

...and then the myth was clear
the drumming of pagans still echoing
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in the halls of remembrance

...and now the truth is clear
One Man is all the is clear
in the warmth of the firelight's dance

...I am the autumn wind
in the days a man must fear
and as the crooked man grows bent
I am the bitterness in his tears
for what a selfish man will sow
into this cold and barren ground
is the truth behind every lie
that's where the emptiness is found...

...d anderson

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