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DigHayZoose - Circle Of Pain lyrics

Dear Dad,

Thank you father. I don't know what to
say to you. I guess you taught me all
too well. I don't want you to see me
this way. Turn your eyes away from
me and fade away. I will remember
you. Like the candle's flame flickers,
I've lost all control. The circle of pain is
complete, I will carry on your name...
the nightmare...

Dear God,
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Holy father, turn your eyes away
from me. I'm unworthy of your pres-
ence and grace. I repent. I repent unre-
pentant. You should punish me. Every seems...
the children dance in this house of the
broken limb. I try...I can't stop this cir-
cle of pain. God forgive me......God for-
bid me.
oh, my father, you painted the circle on
my soul...


Your Son

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