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DigHayZoose - Black-Eyed Pea lyrics

'Tis so sweet when it hits the air
Everybody must stop and stare
But that was yesterday
And I don't feel the same way

It's a sight to see glowin' blue and green
It's a floatin' and a bloatin' out round as can be
Stony bone crust holds a juicy orange core
Circle takes circle gives
Circle screamin' for more
It's alive it's breathin' get shot start bleedin'
She can run swim away but I know she will face it
Head to head breath to d**h and we feed on the past
So inescapable
Saprophyte blast

Cannot stop this spinnin'
At a loss I'm winnin'
I can see her grinnin'
But one day she will scream (but one day she will believe)
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Green eats sunny and drinks the roots
Flowers and fruits feedin' turtles and newts
Black stone slidin' off into the blue
Splash down turn around
Everything is new
Circle havin' birth pains circle knows love reigns
Spinnin' to the moons pull spinnin' 'til her brain's full
Gotta learn to give it all brace her so she won't fall
One life one call
Grab your guts and hit the wall

Does she dream of a love under stars above
Hides her eyes in a mask that fits like a glove
Take a step slip away take a stand for today
Railin' down the road now
Hit the brakes and slow down
Don't crack fall back find the groove and dance now
Mother holdin' son close bloated ego will boast
Is it over four-leaf clover
Cryin' over burnt toast

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