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Wishing to make a change in musical monikers while refraining from typical catchy phrases, the four men composing Long Island's Diffuser indicated their smart and singled-out brash approach to making music at their forming in 1994. Tomas Costanza (guitar/vocals), Lawrence Sullivan (ba**), Billy Alemaghides (drums), and Anthony Cangelosi (guitar), who were originally tagged Flu Thirteen, were already road dogs by this time and yearned for a selected creativity to push their warrior road ways beyond the indie soundscapes found on their 1998 Steve Albini-produced debut, In the Foul Key of V. The new millennium brought Diffuser a new record deal with Hollywood Records and another chance to define themselves. Summer 2000 showcased the band's single "Karma," which was included on the soundtrack to Mission Impossible 2, and one year later, the full-length Injury Loves Melody appeared. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide

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