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Dice Gamble - Risk It All lyrics

I will risk everything I have for you Lord
Everything you've given me I just wanna give it back
I will risk it all

Why risk anything for me I never get it right
I screwed it up today I'll probably screw it up tonight
You say you see the light in me but I don't feel so bright
Full of doubt low self-esteem when I'm alone I cry
Confused about my purpose I've got some bad attractions
I can't see a future not for the Christian rapper
And aint no role models these idols stay into fashion
Mood swings bipolar Im starting to lose my pa**ion
You could of had a great life played tennis with the planets
Could have never had a scar or won a bloody bandage
You should have said forget it cause earths still acting Manish
Got all your words in one book but hearts we still miss manage
You risked Fathers forsakin Man that was a doozer
Risked getting the keys to hell from Lucifer the user
Risked it for Dice Gamble Lord tell me why'd you choose her
Risked your whole life just for a world that's full of losers

For you Id risk it all
Nail me to your cross
Spit on me and tear into my flesh and let me bleed
For you I'll sacrifice
Gladly give my life
Just to take a chance in heaven you could be with me
For you I'll risk it all

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My children mommy loves you babies there's nothing I won't do
I don't care how saved I am they would hurt messing with you
I thank God for your blessing your hugs they get me through
I wish I could protect you from a world sick with the flu
I promise I will do my best with everything God gave me
But mommy is not perfect life may get a little crazy
Pray for me it's flying by I'm zonin out here lately
I wonder who I can trust you with when everyone seems shady
I thank God that you're saved and I'm saving for your future
Yeah mommies beautiful but each one of you are cuter
Jada I'll come back from the dead if you ever work at hooters
Donovan Noah Keenan promise me to walk in truth
I will risk career for reading books at home with you just listen
Risk marriage to your dad if he won't pay God no attention
I will risk this world for hating me for every Jesus mention
I will risk my life to show you what it means to be a Christian

Hello world it's me you don't know me from a parrot
I'm dice I found the love of Christ and only want to share it
Listen don't give up on God cause people took your heart to tear it
One day we'll have to answer for these actions we encourage
It's time to love people more and do what we know better
Be grateful share the things we have and start to work together
Exchange heaviness for love light as a feather
Let Jehovah be your shelter in time of scary weather
Risk that money god the one that always play you
Risk it on a healer Father God the one who made you
Risk your fears your doubts believe and trust the one that's faithful
Risk your life for Christ the only on able to save you


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