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Dice Gamble - Gamble on Love lyrics

INTRO (4x)
A gamble on luuu uuuu uuuu uuu uv

You're the biggidy biggidy biggidy best
B to the e s t yes fresh
Smell like, baby powder and zest
I let your Spirit control my flesh
You made the heart that beats inside of my chest
Give you everything till aint nothing left
Teacher you got the answer to my test
I can't count all the ways that im blessed
In your grace and mercy I like to dress
Be me you I never have to impress
Run into your arms and I can rest
I didn't come here to ramble
Just came to say im so glad I took a gamble

Feels like I hit the jackpot
Feels like I hit that powerball
(so glad I took a gamble, im glad I took a gamble)
So glad I played my number
So glad I scratched that joker off
(I'm glad I took a gamble, so glad I took a gamble)

And in you I'm free like the bee's
Your honeys so sweet died on that tree
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Upon Calvary your blood drops gave me the victory
Oh mercy me, I just gotta
Thank you for loving me
You're my bff that never leaves
So order my steps its you I want to please
Jesus how do you supply all my needs
I want to thank yo daddy for sowing that seed
Your touch took away my anxiety
I'm on cloud 923 I didn't come here to ramble
So glad I took a gamble though


Come on world it's time to place your bet
B to the e to the t and don't fret
Put it on a God that lives and gives you breath
Life can me hard but Christ relieves stress
Everything you're looking for Gods Got
The devil saving oh no I think he's not
I wish you'd stop falling for his plot
Cerrar la puerta con ocho cinco locks
Whatever's keeping you from God is keeping from God
You aint where your spose to be you know it in your heart
Put it all on the mantle get more than a sample
I hope that my ramble makes you wana gamble



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