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Dice Gamble - Chips Fall lyrics

Chips fall
Gotta follow God when He calls
Its only for the better
(you know sometimes life doesn't go the way we want it
You gotta hang in there,yeah, an it's gona get better, yes it is)

I got a thing about honesty
People don't keep it
I walk to them with truth
They turn around and leave it
Oh I hurt your feelings I'm sorry
Coated sugar's played out like Atari
Much on my mind
Try to do my school work
If grandma dies
I'll truly be hurt
She won't make it till Christmas
Hold up wait
Anybody believe anybody receive
Anybody pray for God's grace and mercy
You gone have to carry me down the hospital hall
God I still believe even if the chips fall

Chips fall
Gotta follow God when He calls
Its only for the better
He's just tryin to help you get it together

I heard your partners leaving
Wish I could change that
I don't want to see that
I'm praying maybe they'll be back
If they keep walking be free black
My brothers in prison I shake my head
I thought he was ready from them letters I read
But he can't handle freedom
I'm so mad they freed him
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I got bills
All day
I need work
I need pay
House notes and family
I aint stressin at yaw
God I still believe you even when the chips fall


We have favor
That we don't deserve
But quick to say
Who gets on a nerve
So blessed yet stay perturbed
Act like we never heard a word like
God is faithful trust Him
Don't be a user love Him
Don't want nothing bug Him
Let Him know that you don't mind struggling
He's your through through
Ace that test
He know you you
He know you best
Turn grey sky's blue
East into west
Heal that broken heart through that chest
At the office
At school or the mall
Keep your head up
God sees it all
Jesus is the name that you call
Believe God when the chips start fall


OUTTRO (lib)
He's just tryin to help ya get it together
All you can do whoooo
Chips fall gotta fall on him

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