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Dica 54 - Libel hood lyrics

DICA GUIMARÃES Jr.: Libel Carapace (It is both thief put his hand in the Nation)


Wake up every morning well before sunrise
No money no job looking for what to do
Living doing odd jobs to try to survive
Living in slum seeing it happen
Slave System perversion contemplating how the dreams in prison
Here is all I have to fight hard to be more than a superman to live Cause!

It is both a thief put his hand in the nation
It is both a thief without jail ...
It is both a thief from low to high rank (CHORUS)
It is both my brother thief ...
It is both a thief flying plane Caribbean Japan ..
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Every new day is just wait and see
Important people on the TV screen
Involved in bribes corrupting the duty
All well camouflaged in the bowels of Power
C.P.I buying votes greed is hurting
The cash account sends ok see
They have tails straw and we have left to live
Crumbs of vultures to eat why?

Here in the land of nobody Impunity is the law
Here everything goes wrong: Samba, Soccer, Carnival

Note: CPI: Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry that clears
But do not hold anyone or anything involved return to the state. Such We reached that point: make the CPI CPI's, this is more than shameful ...

L&M :DICA Guimarães Jr.: compsed between 98/99

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