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Diarmuid Quinn - The Merchandisers lyrics

Whether you are pro or anti
Or could not care less
We are here to tell you
We are here to sell you chess
Not a chance of you escaping
From our wiles
We've locked the doors
We've blocked the aisles
We've a franchise worth exploiting
And we will, yes we will!
When it comes to merchandising
We could k**

[Female Soloists]
When you get up--

[Male Soloists]
When you get up in the morning--

Till your bedtime book
You will have to live your life
With bishop, knight, and rook

[Male Soloists]
Clean your teeth with
Checkered toothpaste
Wear our vests

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[Female Soloists]
Our kings, and queens
On bouncing breasts

You could even buy a set
And learn to play
We don't mind
We'll sell you something

We've done all
Our market research
And our finding show
That this game of chess
Will be around a month or so
Maybe it's a bit confusing
For a game
But Rubik's cubes
Were much the same

In the end
The whole world bought one--
All were gone
By which time
We merchandisers
Had moved on!

By which time
We merchandisers
Had moved on!

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