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Diane Warren - Devil's Got A New Disguise lyrics

[Verse 1]
If you see Kay, you got to revel
No angel wings more like the devil
She was so hot, so cool and nasty
Believe it or not here's what she asked me
'If you need love with no condition
Let's Do the Do honey I'm on a mission

Ain't no mistaking, my body's shaking
My soul's been taken
By a Devil with a New Disguise
The girl's so witching, my backbone's twitching
Because down in Hell's kitchen
The Devil's got a New Disguise

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[Verse 2]
If you see Kay, tell her I love her
She did me in but I'll recover
She said love was her desire
All that she touched she set on fire
She was so diss - I couldn't slay her
She blew a kiss - I threw the dagger


[Verse 3]
She came from the wrong side of town
Everytime she got off she gets knocked back down
She's Heaven materialized
She's giving me Hell but it ain't no suprise
She's a bit uncivilized

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