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Diane Hine - Aware lyrics

Plants discern wavelengths blue to infrared,
taste or smell dissolved or vapoured potions,
respond through altered growth, pa**ive motion,
signal root to root or airborne spread.
Plants can't escape, so have no need to thread
bodies with pain or conscious commotion,
or squander resources on emotions.
If a thing's rooted, then what use is dread?
Increasing complexity may embed
future robots with the seeds of notions.
The nature of a robot's devotion
would be an unknowable watershed.
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Aspects of consciousness may lie beyond
the computational, yet remain sound.
Theorems of incompleteness correspond,
or the ‘rhomb', ‘kite, ‘dart' tilings Penrose found.
A quantum gravitational bond
might coalesce a thought to solid ground.
This is of no consequence, don't be conned.
My muddled thoughts reduced, are not profound.
Merely evidence that neurons are fond
of becoming inextricably wound,
entangled, touched by other minds unbound.

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