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Diane Hine - Anthropomorphic lyrics

Laced within entropic flow
arbitrary eddies swirl,
Fleeting fluctuating twirls
dissipating apropos.

Hidden in disorder's curls
reinforcing patterns grow,
Tiny hubs of order glow
seeds of life like inverse pearls.

Flora, Fauna deviate,
Movers must advance or shrink
leading to the conscious brink,
Feedback loops to calculate.

Vital self-awareness link,
Do they bait or are they bait?
Need to care about their fate,
Creatures start to think they think.
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Physical sensations shore,
Natural selection strains,
Progress by avoiding pains,
Core survival's guarantor.

Basic instincts wide domain
leading to emotions store,
Motivating to explore
how to maximize the gains.

Sharing commonality
animals at reason's verge,
Higher mammals' brains diverge
only in complexity.

Sharing human scourge and urge
sharing our intensity,
Each small life a tragedy
written blind by Nature's surge.

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