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Diane Hine - Aliens and Predators lyrics

Toxoplasma parasite has seized control of rat,
redirecting rodent's brain,
‘Take me to a cat'.
Rat has infiltrated ship, the galley cat's domain.
Post a chat and playful pat,
rat's politely slain.

Foreign port with fishy smells entices cat to shore.
Greedy feline eyes espy,
rainbow hued macaw.
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Sidetracked to the jungle fringe where bearings fall awry,
hesitantly lifts a paw,
evening blacks the sky.

Moonless, clouded, thickly foliaged jungle presses tight.
Crawling floor's a restless bed,
wide-eyed cat's contrite.
Coiled above, a viper's membraned pits sense infrared.
Scans the cat's warm inner light,
slips by overhead.

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