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DIAGONz - Freestyle Session 1 lyrics

A true mc thats like me can easily see
I can break ya feeble knees in one blow
You a straight ho who is ready to go
Straight to heaven in 7 minutes or so
I dont get high like Mr. Afro
You come at me with half a fold
I come with 50
When people see me they say im shifty
Dont even try to rip me
Drinking from a sip-py cup
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Roast ya b**h a** up
Rot in peices like a**orted cheeses
That have been outside for a whole wide week
In that time I made ya future bleak
By dumping you in a creek
Or prehaps a lake
Nah, that would take more effort
Probably put you in dirt
I'm in a house of pain you in a world of hurt

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