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DIAGONz - Dead Inside lyrics

[Verse 1]
I grew up with this girl
She wanted to see the whole world
But her life went in a swirl
Ended up a prostitute
Wanting to meet men in nice suits
But only met up with junkies
Thinkin it would be funky to try ex
She got hooked and men didn't even pay her for s**
She was nasty and looked old by 18
Her looks were defla-ting
Being poor and now labeled a whore
She started living on the streets
And she was feeling defeat
She was crying
She was trying to survive
Wanting to be the president when she was five
But now where was she
Then something happened at 3am...

[Hook x3]
Shes dead inside
Wanted to fly
But her wings were clipped

[Verse 2]
A little boy walked up to her and said
Mommy, is daddy dead?
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She had no idea where he had been for 4 years
Then tears flew from her eyes
She wanted to die
She responded with I hope
The kid started bawling
In annoyance she beat him
Stomped him with her feat
Then she ran for forsaking her son
Then she broke into a house and stole a gun...

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
2 members of her family walked in
It was her granny talk-in to her dad
Then she she instantly did bad
Shot 'em both dead
Right in the back of the head
She ran out into the rain
The image of 3 victims stuck in her brain
Then all of a sudden the cops came
She blasted them both away
Hopped in the car ready to drive
When she realized one of those guys she shot was still alive
He got a good look of her face
And she could see it too
She calked her .12 gauge and fired
Then she stopped and looked back at the body
Then she grabbed the shotty and pulled it on herself for the evil she had done

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