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DIAGONz - 2015 Is sh** lyrics

All i f**in see is girls who only wear long sleeves
Trying to become skinny as can be
Its a f**in disease
She stays locked in her room
With 1 emotion, gloom
She wants the perfect groom
Some one she can love here to the tomb
She gets bullied and trys to consume to many pills
Screamin she wants to k** herself
Or look skinny not caring for her health
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She grabbed a knife, placed it on her wrist
And suddenly her fist went loose

Little boys saying they have swag
And when someone diss em they go right to the word fag
Whinin bout there moms naggin and raggin on them
Just wantin them to succeed
But all he does is smoke weed
And at 15 he spread his seed
He ran like a coward
Now he lives on the street and dont shower

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