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DG Beats - "New York City Nights" lyrics

Verse 1

City life
I see the strife everyday and night
Putting up a fight
My love is out of sight and out of mind for em
Cause I never gave up
I always had a purpose
My familiar
Is by my side
By my side like a colleague
I tell the driver to pick up the speed
We're on the meter
Only the enlightened can see us
I see what the pastor be preaching
Asking god to teach us and please let us all make a living
Everything is given when your giving
You'd have to sacrifice to be winning
You could lose it all without sinning
Only if you undo what you've beginning
Without intention
That would be the worst way to forget what could make you into the realest
Positive vibes it will elicit
Before you ask you should try to get it
When you're protected how can you feel applied heat protection

Hook x2

City lights
I see the light
New York City Nights
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Catch a ride to the north side
What up home's down in midtown
When I come through we all chow
Bon apetite
Straight to Chinatown

Verse 2

Smell the air
Feel the ambience
All the bullsh** you would be canceling to run the streets
Ladies don't wear sneaker's for the life style
She said that she's reserving herself
But that dress says that she's saving it for me
Baby do you get jealous easily
Cause nowadays who would honestly do those things if they felt like me
I bounce back with a crisp release
Baby tell me when you want to leave
We can tear out
Shorty like my best friend
Shorty's like a teacher
I ain't saying I'm the best
But I could provide some lessons to
Maybe just enough that you could learn to keep a brother like me around who you could ask some questions to
I don't think I'm freaking out
I just slowed down
Now I'm cautious to see who it is that really starts sh**
Plus the bestie at my apartment
I got the throne now
I'm coming home now

Hook x2

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