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DG Beats - "I'll Be Over There" lyrics

Verse 1

Knowing how I be we'll be up all night til morning time
You'll be asking me can we get at it at another time
I go where I want although I can't leave her behind
I told her I'll be back on account her plans differ mines
I got what you memorized
I can be your dream guy
If I had some cash on hand then maybe we could spend some time
Minute wise
I get paid to stunt
I will pay for lunch
Nothing major
I think you're mistaking
No I'm not a player
I had a vision that one day we would make the bigger picture
So far, all I know you want is to go far
Still I don't got enough for new houses or cars or even move out of state
Who's time am I trying to waste
Out of place
If I got the deal we could catch a date
I don't need too many girls to fornicate
Grown up stage
Love is like a wage
I need honesty and dedication
Know your inner self
Before you play yourself save yourself


Whether I got money or not shouldn't be a problem
I see that your independent
You said on your own you're living
Hit me on my line when the times right
I'll be like where you at?
I'll be right over there in a snap
I'll be over there
Wear whatever you want to wear
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I'll call u when I'm close to there
Shorty I'll be over there
Whether I feel lonely or not shouldn't be a problem
I see that your overdue for a man that's into you

Verse 2

I'm so into you
Shorty I'm so into you
I won't find another you
You are so original
Attention is critical
Forget about the possibility of this not working properly
Best you ever had cause I got to be
Pardon me
Do you smoke or drink
I do smoke but I don't mind what you do
If it's not hurting I
Please don't be another guy
Been through this so many times
Still I never lost my mind
Still never got out of line
I think I deserve the best by now
So far I've been nowhere
Growing up
Still single
It's emotional
But I don't control what you do who you see or where you go
You said you feel surrounded
I guess my powers grounded
Time to manipulate
Not misleading without reason
Lady you can have a purpose
I'll sign up in my best cursive
Learning curve has got me earnings
Appealing is on my mind
My appearance is looking fine


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