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DG Beats - Free lyrics

I'm diggin' that Kenny Lattimore sample tho
DG a genius for this one
Yeah, now let's get to it

[Verse 1]
I used to have a crush on you but there's no reciprocation
Was a fool in adoration but you had no admiration
Well, at least for me, it's cool, it's fine
Even if we got together, you would drop me in no time
You too busy on a n***a's joc, let me cock block
Cause he don't want you, girl, just stop
And take a step back to take a look back
I'm right here, baby, quit runnin' back
I'm the Ace in the deck but you messin' with Jacks
So wack, so wack, hella wack
Get your eyes checked cause you way too blind
Playin' these games like "the boy is mine"
That's not your line, better get it right
If you go down that road then you won't be right

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You're all I need
Wanna be set free

[Verse 2]
I've had those dreams of you and me
My thoughts got you naked in my fantasies
My hands all over your body, so naughty
Got you face down, a** up on the potty
(Swerve!) This can't be real
I just said I was over you for real
This is so surreal, man, what's the deal?
I'm so confused on what to feel
Need to get my mentality in order
Before my flesh take over
And I hunt you down and bend you over
Make you call me "big daddy", throw that a** in a circle
Ooh, really need to fall back
Cause if I see you, then baby, it's a wrap
Lord, chain these urges so I won't start splurgin'
Don't want my kids to have these curses, ah!

You're all I need
Wanna be set free

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