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DG Beats - Don't Get It Twisted lyrics

Mike Bell [Verse 1]

Our influence here at RM music
Challenge at that music that you are into
And how these artists do it
Honest God its true
I wouldn't lie to you thats not how we do
We the type of dudes that don't like to lose
We gone fight for God and His righteous views
But we might just use a method you don't like
So if you in the way then you got to move
If ifs and ands was pots and pans
Then the whole church would be a big kitchen
Y'all wishing man that they coming in
But for real we gone have to go and get em
And Im feeling like Malcolm X its by any means
Whether nae-nae dancing or skinny jeans
We gone be ourselves but utilize the culture
Just to get this gospel out to these teens and
You ain't got to feel it
You ain't got to like it
You ain't got to click it
You ain't got to buy it
But we gone be starting a riot
Won't nobody ever be keeping us quiet
We'll never deny Him
Whenever you see us man do me a favor
Dont listen to liars

Mike Bell [Chorus 1]

Don't get it twisted
No no no, No no
Don't get it twisted
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No no no, No no no (2x)

Mike Bell [Verse 2]

And if ever you hear that Im rapping about something thats not in the word
Make sure that you don't get it twisted
Go do your due diligence and your research
Sometimes I be heavy with stuff theological
Other times I just relate
To the millions of people all over the world
Who ain't never gone open a page
So before you go make a mistake
And think that I done hoped over the gate
And what I create is no longer based in faith
You might wanna give some grace
Because how many positive dudes with platforms are speaking to youth?
And If you be honest you you'd count on one hand
So homie Im speaking the truth
I might not always yell it
I might not always preach
I might not always tell em
Exactly what it means
Paul said that some would water
Others would plant the seeds
It dont matter who plants or waters
God is the only one that gives increase

Mike Bell [Chorus]

Don't get it twisted
No no no, No no
Don't get it twisted
No no no, No no no (2x)

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