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DF - NAPPA lyrics

[DøøF : verse 1]

Bud n b**hes it's two wit boobies I see 4

She blowin', c4

Anatomy is sleek like "eat more"

Need me, see me eatin' swedish fish in treeforts

Really bored

I'm k**in' beats and tryna get some digiorn

I mean a piece of it

The cheese I really needs some kicks

See Me for a bit

The Bowl of weedies

Yeah the trees is lit

Steady peep a b**h

See me when you need some dick

Greedy in the sheets and manners ain't what doofie Pleasin' with

Yeah I'm teasin' chick

And I Got the liter spit

Feeding on MCs who thought the cannibals would be some sh**

Easy when you feast with us

Kick it breeze

I k** the nappers w ease

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I keep the steeze on vageta sh**

[DøøF : verse 2]

Yeah, I got the zonas on the coaster

Postal to you posers and fold ya ho like a poster

Sick as cold

And I'm hockin' phlegm, I get grosser

Open throat n loader, it's gross but I double dose her

Papi left n all he left me was recessive genes

Give you pests a second just to defin what recessive means

Take a lesson from the essence of MF in me

Dress as fresh as thieves

Copped my fro from out the seventies

And I guess I got my flow from out the seven seas

Boards, brest, blessings in the bed I got the best of bs

Hectic dress up then I'm headed to the exit b

Flexin' on you jesters bet that next you Hit my exes, geese


I'm fillin' hurses full if tranny nerds

Clippin curbs n spit a verse as heavy as ya granny's purse

Damn he flirts w every girl n quinch the panties thirst

Hand him clammy herb n dammage plans with evry stanza, nerd. (lissin!)

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