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DF - Sun Toucher lyrics

[DøøF : verse 1]Explain

Doofie tha sun toucher
Mum f**er

Bum clutcher

Bum rush a busta

s**er f**ers ain't got sh** on us

Livid n***as spit on us

But b**hes get a grip on us

Im drillin' slits

N spittin' up this lyric since I'm ill enough

b**hes grill tha viel

Be For ya feelings getcha spillin' guts

Ceelin' when I'm seerin' bud n tearin' brazillian sluts

The flow is period blood

You hear it liftcha spirit up

I feelem tearin up

Spit A lyric just to reelem up

'Cuz I got Fine lines

& I got nine dimes

& Two nicks I gettem high n them its prime times

Sip a zona

Chlor-amonia n***as posin

You dromes a bunch a posers give the flow back to the owner

Doofie ain't a loaner

And im still the Smoothest stoner

Cuz I seeled the grooves n corners

Were the Children schoolin' grown ups

Bone us

Were pretty chill so its a bonus

Turn n***as into bone dust

& you hear it When I rollup

Oo we doofie be cookie in tha coochie

Soothin' as a roofie I can prove it through a loose leaf

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I'm Super rude until I'm droopy

& I Take a floozie bootie swoop n leave it blue & bruisy

[DøøF : verse 2]

Tryna be swole as cheap burritos

Mosquitos sinkin' teeth

A betcha B can C da D doe

My weed is b.o

The fleet I'm the b.c.e.o

Proceed to heat the tree

We tip the brim n keep the steelo

& You ain't bestin' on this echelon

I'm Restin' in on some flesh

N guess the message

I ain't said it wrong

You jesters sleppin'

Give a sec n lettem step along

The wreck is pretty epic

Said the rest is in a sperate song

Exit if its wrong

Eff it I'mma s** a blonde

The Cannibals the Fleshest

Keep it fresh

Deck a skeptic


You can rep it

Better check or be a spectical

Theftin evry heffer

Let it ace taste the testicals


Take a brake n break as decimals

Save a day and take a face

N play it never text a fool

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