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DF - Hotel lyrics

Last Night
(I promise i won't tell no one about)
Last Night
(Just tell me it won't be your)
Last Night
(I want to see you high)

Verse 1

All white dim lights
3 hours pa**ed midnight
Text from you to come and meet you at your spot to get right
Hotel 2nd floor 299 I'm at the door
Told me not to text
You wanna talk i came to s**
Talking bout your f**ing ex
Rub my back relieve the stress
Politickin bout the water whipping
I want model but you want apeppin
Truth i ain't never sold d** in my life but you'll get addicted
Less than 30 minutes robin gibbons rob your heart and thanks for given
Think I'm quitting cold turkey though
I know I'm cold
I know I'm cold
But i got a girl
And she don't know
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Could you keep a secret on the low

(Phone Call)

Verse 2

Pulling up to Jon B
You the one I'm calling on
Couple hours past 3
You the one I'm falling on
You ain't never asking questions so I'm not about to tell you where i been
So i lay you down and call you my baby like I'm a surrogate
Its apparent i got a problem being grounded
No allowance but you cover my meal ticket and but i always been about it
I just tell my story don't like the sound of it
Close caption low light actions just to keep the candle lit
Before i blow the smoke blow the cannabis
Just to handle this ight
Got a couple demons keep inside
Let em out when I'm with my side
Chick in my bed where i reside
Promise that i never be the type
You need a man I'm just a guy
I could give a f** all about rhymes
Nice and ghetto poetry and so it be I'm telling you this happened all
Last night

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