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DF - 12- Fifty1 lyrics

[Hook: Jviden (TOBi)]

All I want is gold
Wrist watch Rolls Royce (Rolls Royce)
See my heart turning cold
Cause all i want is more (All i want is more)
A better chick than my last one (Last One)
More times I'm on road
See im tryna find my last one
Ain't buying lies but I'm sold

[Verse 1: TOBi]

I fear heaven or hell
Just commitment to these instagram vixens
Twitter mentioning
The hoes do things for the pictures
The boys do things for the riches
They got' make you make em dinner
They got' make you do the dishes
Oh my goodness
But I'm a cynic i can't complain
Ass was on pinky and the brain was on wizard
She want me to make it rain
Like its mediterranean terrain in the winters
She on her knees like she calling Jesus
What a sinner
I'm sinning too
Jehovah my witness
She at your door
Please miss me with the bullsh** and listen i ain't cool with it
Track record no blemish
But a young n***a still get attention from the piglets
They wanna do me like Emmett
Till then I'm winning
Look with the written i'm k**er
You just part time with it
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Soft spoken could you tell i been through hard time
Bar for bar I'm wicked
International visit
My British ting want me innit
This dark guy gifted
Thinking i was finished
Till i did em' like a part a
Apartheid how i split em'

[Hook: Jviden (TOBi)]

[Verse 2: Jviden]

See they all wanna break me down
And still I build
See them all trine shoot them rounds
And still I k**
The say that they want me dead
That ain't the first time
So I life everyday like it's my first
Pack trees
Blow trees until I blow
They want to put me in a box I breakout like acne
If you pa** on me out of disbelief
I got words that will blast for me (blasphemy)
I bob and weave cause i see a lot of fake here (hair)
Say it ain't so i turned cold i see the blank stares
I want a chick like T- Box in that Belly flick
Stay sincere no fear no silly sh**
What i live is in these bars
Life sentences
Make em say mmmm
Every line like when Omelly spit
I crept the loopholes
Blew smoke walked through the fire came out a new bloke
I over see, under stand the new hope
All white dim lights surrounded by new goals
Never a hand out but a help in hand
sh** my whole team
Ten Toes Down

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