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Devin X - Touchdown lyrics

Verse 1:
All I need in the life of sin is a mic and being heard, I promise you it's my word I'll never slang with a bird
I'll never slang a bird but though I'm high with the pigeons, it's not about getting high but getting by when ya living
When ya living you gotta get it by any means necessary, I'm blessed by Mary ion got many doubters near me
If they doubt me I'll turn the water to wine, go back to 6 like lebron another 6 that's a vine
Another 6 in the blind we don't talk about the consequences, it's the devil in my sentence it's to hot I made an entrance
Rap had a gap, filled it up, brought together like a dentist, they ain't spending they just renting so they really just the tenants
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So they don't really own it my n***a they own a percentage, so if you own just a percentage you really independent ?
And I don't mean to point every flaw in ya lavish life
But God wouldn't take that sh** if you ain't have it right?
And that's just go to show, that n***as who know the most will sit here and won't let you grow
I'm more amazed with how quick they put me down when they see me with better days. f** it
This for the critics , the haters , the b**hes.. My n***as, my shorty, and everybody that stayed with it..
You see the intro just started, the movie not finished
I'm going all out now so we can live in this.. Gooooddd life ..

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