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Devin X - Penny lyrics

Verse 1:
She told me that she love me, I can't believe her, mamacita you damn sure ain't nothing to me
And you know they say nothing is cheap sh** nothing is free, and she say "you gotta spend it all stunting with me"
You can be the best in the game till I meet better p**y, it's like Mike in his prime meeting a better rookie
And she can f** up ya life and take everything you got, and get greedy take ya chips and won't give you her cookie
You gon sit there looking stupid while she f**ing with ya brother, then go f**ing with ya enemy screaming you don't love her
And yall gon fight and fall out of again, in the end you get her back cause you claim that you can't find another
Now I don't blame you my n***a because it happens to best of us, but this one is a warning for the rest of us
Don't give ya heart away, she only want ya riches she'll take ya penny's just Incase there is a harder way
Now I done slipped a few times but I caught myself a lot more, and if you get a dime remember that's there's a lot more

You gon run game.You gon
You gon run game but let me show you how to win championships. (3x)
You can never play me .. You can, You can never play me
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Verse 2:
Now we 2 months in i swear that I love her, even if she f**ed my brother and she doesn't like my mother
Always tripping talking bout how she needs a vacation, and if she doesn't see paradise then there no point in staying
And if she don't see paradise then there's no point in waiting, she don't love me she just love whatever n***as is making
The way she speak about the island you'd swear she's Jamaican, and the way she leave me sprung you'd swear she got naked
But she didn't. losing everything but still winning, cause our flame is dying out but she love the way im living
Then I met a new girl with some better looking new world, chick that Im with f**ed with errbody used girl
Rude girl with some good intentions in a bad way, she backdoor hoe see her throwing down a Allay
My new girls get nasty, and ion ever ever ever ever ever ever pay the bill if you ask me
And if you ever try to overlook me, you the best in the game till I meet better p**y

You gon run game.. You gon
You gon run game but let me show you how to win championships. (3x)
You can never play me .. You can . You can never play me, let me show how to win championship

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