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Devin X - 421 lyrics

f** that I rap so much, that I didn't even notice ion have so much
I stopped looking around and started focusing on one goal, Then watch my craft go up
Watch my raft go up when everybody on the same wave, same thang, thangs change, change thangs we on same page
f** a new chapter rather write a new book, swimming with fishes no wonder why you hooked
Who knew that it could take so much, watch my rates go up, why they hate so much
Cause I ate so much what you wanted me to starve ? Drink up and exam what is in my bars
Drink up and xan probably in the bar, drink up and a xan probably in the car
And my opinion is to stay in this b**h, you don't want it to be ya last day in this b**h
Always asking why you can never stay with a b**h, I get scared of commitment run away wih the b**h
Leave her she gon understand now or later, that she gon find a new man that's gon want to date her
But I'm already on the next chick that's gon replace her, and im gon use the next chick as an eraser
Only if she would cause I'll never want to chase her, cause it's harder for "would" easy to chase her
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I'm just going up, if you was smart enough in those lines I was talking bout rolling up
Im old enough to realize right and wrongs, Ye said it was easy to right my wrongs
Started writing songs started getting strong started moving on Tryna live better for my mom
Seen that I'm good but she knew I was hurting, seen cries for help when she saw her boy smirking
Maybe I was tying myself out on purpose, business takes a toll and life's probably worth it
Take time out sit on the bench and think ya life thru, not everyone in the game gon like you
Some of them gon love other might Wanna fight you, but they just love to hate cause they ain't really like you
Seen you doing well now it's show and tell, wanna tell you how much they love you
Only cause you show them how you get to here from hell, just to get by the amount of time I sell
Ain't enough to buy happiness or whatever, but damn sure still get happy seeing cheddar
Still get happy seeing the people that I love in the slums then knowing I can make their life get better
I can make their life better
Cause this sh**s 420

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