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Despite Exile - Mechanical lyrics

Mesmerize me with your chant
k** me with your voice
I'll fall as everyone
I'll be the first to rise in torment
Fingers glide on me
So real they seem to sink
Into this skin of mine
And vanish within
Blessed be the poison that runs through my veins
I am back from depths
I can hear the scream of this world
Why don't you make you own move?
Staring at this wall
Carrying the screams of them all
Standing in balance
Out and away

Reset your eyes
Erase your mind

You are the plague
That infests your own flesh
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Realize it will never be the same again

Reset your eyes
Erase your mind

Running away from a place where everyone is exiled
Trapped in their weak mind
Hampered by stereotypes
We are our own obstacle

The hidden daylight
Above the laden clouds
Glare of gray
Chewed and spat
In a far and cold desert

The dying rain carves on my faces
Thousand names of thousand victims

Make your own move

Become a machine

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