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Desmotti - Anything is Possible lyrics

Fret not Storms they come and then they go
In the summer I live on the fringe of the alley of tornados
F-5 the finger of God come to touch a few lives and twist em up for experience
Mother Nature declaren Jihad on a few, who lose just enough to go prayer or go bust

No goen home cause their home just got tossed and landed on a school bus
God looken for a little bit of need from the children who sat on his knee and listened to him teach about moven through Eternity. Eternally bound but they had to go down to go up where the exalted move freely with their mind they move dreamily transfinite unlimited as causals' they manifest and what we're liven in they call it our test and if we pa** through the veil to see the morning of our victory over d**h I gotta catch my breath breath taking scenario it's all been promised as possible

I know it's not the norm to watch a man dive head first into a storm
Anythings Possible Anythings poss
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White Hot The Ghost of Fire He comes and He goes
Twenty-four hours I prayed and listened through the night and on into the dawn
On a Spiritual Binge, Spiritually lit from within. I never want this feeling to end
The peace in my soul has me float-en in a world far away from the darkness of sin that had me
Chained to the to that everlasting scorching pain of reliving it over and over and over re-liven pain over and over and over -

I am forgiven for those mistakes you know that I made the price was paid in Gethsemane under twisted olive trees- Golgotha he gave up the Ghost, In my God I boast that's where He gained His Victory, For You and Me So we can be Eternally from Eternity to Eternity a forest filled with family trees as far as telescope can see beyond the furthest stars that gleam beyond the depths of every dream the greatness of our Father King and Lord of Peace on Yonder Throne they rule from their continually

I sing and dance and toast the Heavens Host and sing praises of the the rise of celestial Ghosts becoming whole One In mind on the morning of the first resurrection the calling of election the Jesus Christ reflect-en Children of the Elohim Children who made it through mortal nightmare and into the celestial dream since children we've been dream-en of the Kingdom So Far Beyond Above what's possible anythings possible with God anythings possible

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