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Desiree Pondt - Identity Introduction lyrics

There has been a point in everyone's life, where they start to question "How far will I go to define or maintain, who I am?" Some of our favorite authors and songwriters are easily identified by their heavy use of geographical locations, regional vernacular, and duality in voice. This article focuses on four main attributes that our current "Norton Anthology" fails to use: geotagging, regional Identity, diaspora, and dual consciousness. These four key elements help you to understand how main characters of stories become, and maintain, who they are.

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Authors tend to show us why locations are important to influence a protagonist's mindset. If they were to grow up poor in the south, as to someone growing up in a rich city, the two would speak, dress, and express themselves very differently from one another.
The one who grew up poor might want to leave his poverty stricken life, whereas the rich character might just want to maintain his current economic status. Nevertheless a persons surrounding plays a key role in what, and who, society sees them as.

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