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Dennis Linde - So Shy lyrics

Lift your arms
Let the wind blow inside
Be yourself
You've got nothing to hide

You aren't shy no more
But you won't let me be your guy
Cause you're so shy

When you toss in the night and can't sleep
And the sweat standing out on your cheeks
You'll remember me
But you were too afraid to speak
Cause you're so shy

You're so shy
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You're so shy
You're so shy

Child, why can't you look me straight in the eye, yeah
Don't you know you're as sweet as July?
I can see it easy
The blind man ain't that blind
One sweet kiss from you, girl
Would surely blow my mind

(Shy, shy, so shy)

One fine day when you call out my name
And we play some of our kissing games
I won't tell a soul because
I know you'd be ashamed
Cause you're so shy

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