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Dennis Giaimo - Relentless lyrics

Walked away on your Wedding Day as you slipped off your gown
You had a chance to do it over but you know love can drag you down
Walked away in your solitude to relieve the pain inside
The Church was filled with flowers and faces except the girl to be my bride

Fell real hard when I first met you-you weren't prepared for a new life
Healing time was your incentive as you put up a good fight
I was driven to show you I meant it as you kept your feelings inside
Maybe I was too Relentless for you to walk away from this night.

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Chorus: Cause I believed in you
I'm sorry I believed in you
I should share the blame for pushing you
Cause, I believed in you
I'm sorry I believed in you
I only want the best that's why I'm Relentless..

Wish I was there before you met him you seem to hold on to your past
If I had the power to change things I'd give back your strength
What if I walk away and never look back
If you could just face the future cause he is never coming back..

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