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Denizen Kane - Holding Up The Wall lyrics

A one, two..
A one, two..
Here we go, here we go...

[Verse 1: Denizen Kane]
Kid, I'm holding up the wall
So the building don't fall
Kind of condemned
Headed soon for a funeral
It hurts all us to where the grave call us
The contents of the of wily were not stole
Know it from some of y'all
And I'm on patrol
(Patrol?), but churn the water for the bodies below
Called the lost ones, saw them in from the cold
While you fish for flesh, fool, I fish for souls
Sink to the depths and I hold my breath
To summon up the shorty, blinking on the brink of (my) d**h
See the swiftest slip, so that God forbid
That the least of these little ones seduce the crypt
On the lifeline, don't know on what side of the (this) ship
Full of dance, (s**er?), and blood in shocked water
So between my seed and the machine I step
Full regret is as bitter as d**h
And life is a breath
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Ohhhhh, see the youth go dumb
Deaf and then blind, nah, never mind
Ohhhhh, are you mad they asking?
No, I'm not mad, love, but I don't feel like dancing

[Verse 2: Denizen Kane]
Know the hipsters are gripping their pistols this year
Baby wrappers, all they racking, thrift stores this year
Rockers reveal grills and pop pills
And popstars are caught shuddering the camera shutters
Postmodern man is fractured and settle for fractions
Paralyzed, can't act, distractions attract
His attention, dementia, dilute his substance
Man, he got no style, only deconstructions
My man Qwa say that your style is your soul
My soul is my sword, s**ers can't afford
To test the tightrope and hope the mike cord
Don't trip them up and leave them dangling by the angles
Bangles and beads to decorate the deceased
Do they see that the machine is just a well hypebeast?
The system that feeds them, it also defeats them
It breeds them, it seeds them and sells them the season


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