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DEF - Early days lyrics

[Verse 1: Young Tapz]

What about the times?
When a kid didn't have the rights to have fun
Can't i just walk in the street without being eyed?
I just wanna live life without being denied
How do we keep going living in denial?
I just wanna wake up knowing I'm alive!
I just wanna wake up knowing I'mma live!
I just wanna live, we just wanna breath!
Bring it back
Bring it back to the world that we living in
Too many of these kids keep on giving in
When they pick on you tell em you don't give a shh..
Leave em speech less
Yeah what di-do
With no clue
Take another step
Coz you can
Take another step
Coz you can
Just letting you know
I have always been your fan
Through my music we've been friends
I can say that till this day
I will be there till the end
So just put your trust in me
I will give you all my vision
I will help you clearly see
Whats age without change
Whats change without age
Minus C.H.N in change
Read the word that still remains
And with age will come a change
Like a skip to the next page
Its only you that understands

[Verse 2: Def]

Back then I was blind to the world
As kids evolve we see the lies ermerge
It wasn't till primary when I seen it first
With a room full of kids that I would observe
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It never made sense to me
On my birthday I got the new psp
When my best friend only got a tamogotchi
I didn't understand cos I already had three
What was the truth
It would ponder my mind as I watch blues clues
As mum gave us money for the ice cream truck
My neighbors parents never seemed to have enough
I asked my dad cos I was unsure
Why it is they don't have money next door
I wouldn't get it because I'm not mature
But when your missing money it's known as poor
From that day on up
I saved every penny in my batman cup
I had a plan that just might work
To help his family be like us
So I did some jobs
Earn't some cash by washing the pots
I was gonna help him get new toys
I told my parents all about the cup of coins
And that's when I heard the news
My parents sat me down after cartoons
Told me that my neighbor will be moving soon
And that's why lately he hasn't been at school
He lived in a house where he was abused
That explained why he was always so bruised
Dad told me that the coins wouldn't be enough
Money wasn't missing, it was.. love

[Verse 3: Young Tapz]

Remember the times
Things were so simple with no need to lie
All of the memories from when we were young
Glory was life when i was a child
Lets be honest
I'm making more memories and loving today
Working so hard just to have it my way
Plenty to many keep having to say
Eyes on the books so get paid
I don't believe it coz there other ways
Success can't be measured from 1 or 2 grades

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