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DEF - Imma General(Explicit) lyrics

Intro : Young Money

Verse 1 Rick Ross : Money In My Wallet So Some Stuff Fallin Out My Pocket Rap That sh** In a Sock Tick Tock on my gold Watch She Laid her a** on da table bad girl thats a yes do haters got 2 b**hes Guess Some Stupid $hit I can't confess
So Why She Getting Ready Fo Me Im dangling my feet after
Its Over due Dont get involved in that stupid stuff do what u pose to do Man

Hook Devaghn Hayes : I fought in this sh** So imma general man Imma General Reaching that Alcohol Like it's my Potential

Eminem Verse 2 : I Walk up to my target What n***as Wanna do dey wanna catch a case Then pow Gun Hit them straight in da face Making cash so fast. just by hitting a a** And cause ya got some cla** Imma Rap God Look At My Hoe Nails Flipping Look at my toes look at my friends look at my foes I Cracked his face is that why You looking at his nose Walk up to the club
Look at my Swag Yall are bird brains You Maniac I ran this b**h
Forever man Fo Get it imma bring it back bow with my nunchucks like a sling attack

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Verse 3 Devaghn : She Say She Can't Stand my love stand my heart Cut out b**h im the one who made,this start baby u look at me like u crazy when I see u in bed with some n***a Baby why oh why this gotta be u when we stay trippy Love making
In the trunk and In The And Behind the shower curtain baby U ain't no hoe but yo personality some times can be certain Whoo

(Hook) : Rick Ross

Rick Ross Verse 4 : She as sweet as a lollipop Baby lemme hit it from behind I can't get The fact you so f**in fine forget what those other Hoes say You a cherry blossom theese hating stinky Hoes Smelling like a possum money makes the world go round but money makes her a** and pearls go down they say love and d** are in there n***a Who cares that sh** so far gone ain't no other girl like the one I got she still complaining
Bout that Chinese b**h I liked in 1st grade straight a's n***a
That's my first grade boy

Hook : Devaghn

Outro : Yeah This Is The Cash money millionaires who ever say
We whack f** yall cause the best music

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