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Deejay essence - To Resist from Darkness lyrics

This here is the fight of my life, stick near and abide in the light
Fifth gear in the mind when I write, (slow it down)
Pencil to the paper this, sin still in my nature gets
Concealed but the Maker still, (knows I'm foul)
Press through like a bull dozer, sweat truth like a pull over
Trek through I don't pull over, (homeward bound)
We try to endure this race, rely on the Lord for strength
He guides implores His saints (hold it down)
Pro-pain when the pressure comes, proclaimin' the Blessed Son
No shame I'ma rep' Him dunn (boldness found)
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No swayin' I die to the ‘I', obey and abide in the vine
No shakin' the eyes of Divine (scopin' down)
We know who opposes us, Sheol and the globe of lust
These both but the most is us (cold and proud)
We focus our eyes on the Christ, He knows what our climate is like
Bestowin' a prize for the fight, (golden crown)
…so hold it down (hold it down) (x3)
Hold it down… for the golden crown (hold it down)
Cause our hope is found (hold it down)
Yo we' homeward bound (hold it down) c'mon
Hold it down…

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