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Deejay essence - Stained Glass Windows lyrics

(Matt. 9: 37-38, 21:12-13, 23:13, 1 Sam 2:11-17, Jer 5:30-31)

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, spittin' the gospel and not livin' it
I got the Word and the Spirit it's not like I'm ill-equipped
But sometimes my pride slips and I find my lips
Quotin' the lines and scripts that makes my heart skip
Then I get hit with conviction
Lord I was trippin' forgive me for missin' it this time I'ma sit and listen
I've made a lot of apologies for speakin' sharply
When you simply wanted me to live godly
I'm to quick to point the finger
At all of these false teachers, rappers, pastors and gospel singer
Sometimes I think my rhyme's cool
But I gotta go back and change lines 'cause I'm off on somethin' doctrinal
But your grace is sufficient
When I'm bein' a chicken out in the streets not witnessin' I'm still forgiven
It's easy to preach with a mic
But I'm slow of speech like Moses when I'm toe to toe in the streets right?
But I can't let it stop me
The word's still gotta go forth, I just got drop the hypocrisy
There's no time to stop preachin' it
The world and the church are wildin' out somebody's gotta keep speakin' it
So I pray that I can present it right
But it starts in the heart and your the only one I know that can get it right
But I'm patient the walk is still a fight
So I'ma continue grippin' the mic, prayin' you help me to spit it right

It's time to do somethin'
The Lord is waitin' for the saints to pray for more laborers y'all so move somethin'
We all need to repent yo
The world can't see God in the church through the stained glass windows
The house of prayer has become a den of thieves
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A circus of false worship mocked by God's enemies
The Pharisee leaven is sin yo
The world can't see God in the church through the stained glass windows


[Verse 2]
It ain't a game no more
Satan's puttin' in mad work with his demons yo the church is at war
But while families are headed for hell
Greedy hypocritical Christian keep the Word of Life to themselves
The church has lost its compassion
They no longer sit with the sinners, they're content with throwin' their cash in
A bucket, “let somebody else do it, I ain't got time”
Cats caught up fellowship while the worlds dyin'
The front liners are few
The nurses out number the soldiers a hundred and 149 to 22
We're too busy convertin' Christians
Bickerin' over the gift of tongues and dispensationalism
There's no love for the lost
Everybody's prayin' for revival but nobody's willin' to pay the cost
His watchmen are blind, dumb dogs that can't even bark
The lamps lack oil, why should a revival spark?
The flame wouldn't sustain
We're too immature to bear children, years later only drama would remain
I'm sure the Lord's about to throw up
The church is lukewarm and the children of God need to grow up
I can't take the name Stephen
And sit silent while the name of God is blasphemed among the heathen
They take Him for a joke because we present him that way
The salvation of the masses is at stake



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