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Deejay essence - RnA lyrics

(Reject!) Anything that I spit you that isn't biblical
But don't a**ume it isn't because it convicts or gets to you
(Accept!) Your responsibility to search the scriptures dude
It's written in epistles: the Christian is to be critical
(Reject!) The misconception that says that you shouldn't judge
The hypocritical misinterpretation of Matthew 7:1
(Accept!) Correction comin' from older brothers and sisters
Consider it with humility please don't get all defensive kid
(Reject!) The relativistic philosophy that you can find at "chu'ch"
That says “well, what I got from that was…”
(Accept!) the fact that what the preacher said is what he said
Whether wrong or right or whatever
Don't try to get all up in his head
(Reject!) the authority of a popular cliché
If it isn't plain in the text then prob'ly doesn't hold any weight
(Accept!) the fallibility of any cat that's preachin' or rappin' that isn't Jesus
Or canonized with His teachin' please
(Reject!) the tradition of applaudin' for all performers
Regardless of what he taught us or how doctrinally off it is
(Accept!) that you might actually be a wack emcee or a Christian
Too young to be spittin', gifted but lackin' in wisdom
(Reject!) any promotion prior to proper preparation
In light of the fact your facin' a greater condemnation
(Accept!) Cats who communicate the gospel completely
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A Savior still in the grave is confusing news it would seem to me
(Reject!) the ideology that truth should be followed by an apology
That doesn't make any sense to me logically
(Accept!) the persecution with happiness and humility
Praising God that your able to partake in His identity
(Reject!) the seeker-friendly mentality and delivery
Pickin' apart the gospel and removing the offensive piece
(Accept!) the fact that the Father draws ‘em and not your methods
But methods can turn ‘em off and be flawed and cause a rejection so
(Reject!) the ways of men when engagin' a slave to sin
For the sake of relatin' the gospel is forsakin' or way too thin
(Accept!) the great commission as more than evangelism
The multiplication of Christians bent for missional livin' and
(Reject!) the hypocrisy that says that a woman shouldn't wear pants but
The church is full of women “wearing the pants” bruh
(Accept!) that Jesus though He was equal was still submissive
And such is the role of a Christian but specifically women and
(Reject!) the femininity of men whether they're homos**ual or not
The stumblin' block has gotta be stopped my friend
(Accept!) the roles and responsibilities of a godly man
And stop the trend of spiritual fatherless-ness we got us in
(Reject!) the rebellion of the youth and the stubbornness of the older
We've gotta learn from each other to reach the culture
(Accept!) this as the end but if needed there'll be a sequel
So read and obey your Word to discern between good and evil

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