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Deejay essence - My Life's Soundtrack lyrics

(Eph 2:10, Rom. 15:4)

I'm writin' the soundtrack of my life
It's mine to recite, but you can bite if you like
It's kinda like the Psalms, I go through stuff to be an example for you
So you can identify and apply truth

[Verse 1]
Ayo my life is the movies, the end was written before the beginnin'
I'm livin' it now, tryin' to get out of certain predicaments
Predict it if you like, the drama inspires questions
Each step makes an impression, so what's the next one
God's the illest director, moldin' the best character
Wrote himself in the text knowin' it's for the better
Yo, behind the scenes, demons and angels pull strings
Special effects, the devil is vexed, we know his schemes
It's all, part of the plot, whether like or not, but God's got us
Satan is shootin' blanks tryin' to stop us
'Cause he knows his endin' is written as well
Misery, loves company he, wants you wit' him in hell
And so we represent Him well like Cross Movement
Focus, avoid the hocus pocus, and keep the cross movin'
Tackle obstacles, followin' the example of apostles
Preachin' the gospel to reach lost souls
No stunt doubles available
All of it's uncut and raw, every role irreplaceable
It's the longest runnin' reality show
Six, thousand years in the mix, and at least a thousand more to go
Startin' seven years after the rapture
When the stars go on vacation and God judges the actors
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So when the director retires, you better be ready the hired are few, many are gettin' fired


[Verse 2]
Peep the screenplay, eighteen year old boy gets saved
His family doesn't understand him, he doesn't act the same
He trashes all of the music he use to listen to
Now he's avoidin' the TV and goin' to movies too
He's got a lot of zeal not a lot of knowledge
Doin' dumb stuff, but the Lord is leadin' Him to Bible College
He joins a Hip Hop group and finds purpose
His talents convictions and gifts are proven to be virtuous
He's gotta a girl now, his ‘ex' from high school, this time they're both saved
Sooner or later he knows they'll be engaged
But now he's movin' to Philly
Though the group has reduced considerably, God's usin' the ministry
He's got the bond of a man and his best friend, servin' the Lord and livin' together in a place they've never been
He's got a brand new family of Philadelphians
Who, seem to go above and beyond just to welcome them
He's got a long distance romance
Tryin' to stay consistent while strugglin' over finance
He's got the everyday temptation of sin
Plus the seasonal jobless tribulation he's in
But the Director is promisin' a good endin'
It's written in stone, a script with no amendments
His directions determined by his decisions
Lord willin' there'll many more, so keep listenin'


I'm writin' the soundtrack to my life… (x4)

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