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Deejay essence - My Funeral's Soundtrack lyrics

(2 Cor 4:17, Phil 3:10-11)

[Verse 1]
If my life is like a movie, then you can run this at the credits
Get ready for part two when a brother's resurrected
Meanwhile I'ma be styled and perfected
In God's presence, learnin' grace and what true rest is
Flesh deaded no struggles left to mess with
No obsessions no devils left to test it
No secular heads representin' for d**h, yeah
The next dwellin' is much better than what I left kid
New mansion: the new body bought with the ransom
All handsome, all eyes locked on the Lamb son
The Son of Man hung on the cross savin' the damned from
The penalty of sin all singin' a new anthem
All worship directed to God resurrected
Who stretched the heavens and left us in awe never sweatin'
d**h treaded the devil is stomped where his head is
And left pathetic, embarra**ed and tossed in the septic
Tank of the universe, flushed by the Son who
Was slain to undo the curse, crushed by the ones who
He came to set free indeed God's wrath appeased now
Hanged just to see Him bleed y'all that's a mean crowd
Now it's all over though the scars still remain so
John calls Jehovah Oshua the Lamb slain, yo
Consider that, God in the flesh, for eternity
He didn't take it off when He left, so even currently
God rocks humility even at His throne, through
All of His abilities His meekness is shown dude
It's bugged right? we'll be eternally bugged out
Man I'm ready to go God can pull the plug now
Nevertheless like Paul I abide in the flesh for y'all
To go wherever I'm lead till God calls
So whether alive or the body falls
Where I'm headed is better and Christ is glorified in all

When I die you can play this: life isn't over but the pain is
That's what the home goin' of a saint is
Y'all give Him praises, the Most High God won't betray us
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His promise is solid as the pavement
When I die say this: life isn't over but the pain is
That's what the home goin' of a saint is
Y'all give Him praises, the Most High God won't betray us
His promise is solid as the pavement

[Verse 2]
Wait just a second, we still got a lot of promises left kid
It doesn't rest at d**h, heaven and resurrection
Next there's a wedding', reception the elect come
To fellowship in heaven before Armageddon
Christ treading' the wine presses, the vine threshing
With divine weapon, and I'm present with my brethren
We ride dressed in white linen, the sight's sick' in'
When the sky splits, the Christ hits and life's' different
This is a common topic among prophets
A time when the temple of God is where God lives
And all Gentiles from afar will come to honor Him
With offerings of contrite hearts and praise followin'
Did I mention Him splittin' the Mountain of Olivet
Temple issues sendin' a fountain through all of it
Hittin' the valley of sh**tim, no drownin' He'll water it
Fishermen gettin' it in wit' astoundin' amount of fish
About a thousand years pa** Satan's let loose to
Fool nations in all places and set troops a
Round the empire of God and His brethren
Devoured when fire is called down from heaven
Satan's tossed in the lake of fire where the Beast
And the False Prophet bake desiring relief
Then God judges the dead, it's called the second d**h when the
Dead, d**h and Hades are left in Gehenna
New Heaven, New Earth plus a New Jerusalem
Old Heaven and Earth consumed to make room for them
No sorrow or pain and all things are new again
The city's square footage equivalent to the moon my friend
God Himself is dwelling among men
There's no temple and no sunlight 'cause they're both Him
I'm only scratchin' the surface, read the Book
And when you get hyped, help me sing the hook


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