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Deejay essence - BnA part B (Before and After) lyrics

(Acts 17:11, 1 Pet 3:15)

I came to preach the redemption, which means you can be forgiven
For Christians it means the freedom from sin and legalism
Jesus is risen, releasin' heathens from prison
Believe and seek his provision, begin livin' and readin' his wisdom
See what is written, be a Berean and listen
Please don't receive what I'm spittin', read it again and see if I'm trippin'
Beats and a rhythm, can lead the sheep to forgettin'
That teachin' is bein' given, let us reason, agree if it's hittin'
But if you have any questions, about the raps or the methods
Then I'd be glad to address ‘em, addin' some clarity
Whether attack or confession, you understandin' my message
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And all the facts that I'm stressin', that is my strategy
I will discuss or debate, it with anyone in the faith
Until Jesus comes or the grave is clutchin' the clay I'm in
My wish is only, to come to the scriptures openly
Humbly listen closely, and loving you when we don't agree
My goal is knowin' Him, flowin' so others notice Him
Rollin' amongst the chosen, provokin' others to grow in Him
I spread the truth, and I'm ready for persecution
But never get it confused, though I'm zealous it's not in foolishness
The wise decision is, livin' life as a Christian to
Live and die in submission to, His disciple's commissionin'
That's why I'm prayin', I'll never deny His name
I'm ‘a rep' Him if I'm in pain, or I'm threatened, to die is gain…

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