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DeeCy - Action lyrics

[Produced by Mr. Music]

[Verse 1]
Bottle mimbo in here. Time done reach for drink beer
Party hard and I party harder, I'm taking over this year
Any man di heap verse, who'na shift for dey, I need air
Na last time be time and my time go last for as long as life's in this world
Feed your ears with these prophesies, microphone precedes pen
Get way too much on my courtesy. My man, now so, man no di ndem
Man di just balancer in front camera, come'ot strong di cut e poster
Swag di holla na bangalang; only bling wey boy done di wear
Work head, check sense, you must calculate
When I touch girls, I bless them. We might graduate
She loved the way that I did it. Baby girl, it's all yours
You should come around and let's do this; just make sure you're drinking all dust
I'm chack'd up and I'm aight. Got dark shades and na night
Black on black and white shoes. If you no be know, pastor-bird too na kite
Fly as f#ck and they know it. I throw the swag and they catch
I dey like rainbow and they're black and white when they photocopy my swag

Some things go wrong, some things go right
What, I'm I supposed to be surprised?
Long as being ready is real, I'll be aight
Long as being ready is ill, I'll be aight
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I'm ready for that action. And more action
And more action, and more action
Long as being ready is real, I'll be aight
Long as being ready is ill, I'll be aight

[Verse 2]
Every day i look good. Love it when I'm in a good mood
I usually got some good food to eat and shine like I don't poo-poo
I always have a new coup. As a matter of fact I'm doing great
Girls gon' love you, looters gon' loot, therefore, i expect a hater to hate
I di sap for loung like na chrsitmas. Top the d'joung, I çhaq all dust
Pop champagne then spray am, oh! I get way too much and I'm still young
Stop. Uh, sabi no be na mop
Uh, quarter mill in my cup. Go up come down, you like it or not
Hey say overdose be na mbutu. I get over dose for bisec
By the time I get the dough for mutumbu, man go di travaié na with jet
Tumbu-tumbu burst calaba. Guess what? They know me for Calabar
Bo'o, that senator hear na intro for my old mixtape and went like, wow
That's the type I get shout-outs from; Ton-Ton Pajero. My money dey for dossier bag
Stop the hate and get paid, man
Neck-people lima lide. Real n***a, liman dey tall
I'm drinking Malta Guinness. At the end of the day I ball


[Outro: produced by Mr. Music]

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