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Dee yoppa - Freestyle lyrics

Buss yo head like a brick
I be hitting yo b**h from the back like a lick
Young and I'm rich
Nice size dick
Got like nine b**hes
We about to make a flick
Buss that p**y open like a watermelon
Then collect my money like a Reverend
That b**h head is gold
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Head so good she s**ed out my soul
She keep nut on ha face she rock that sh** like a beauty mole
She let me drive in that p**y she know I don't pay toles
n***as quick to run around n say they get p**y
But don't wana claim tha baby cus how tha bm looking
You don't wana hold yo bm hand n public
Cus u know she s**ing dick
N she always musty
Shawty give me neck just like a luma
And ha booty big like a humma

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