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Dee Greene - Pro Pain lyrics

Rich or broke still the same n***a
Hatin' n***as wanna aim atcha'
Don't gas me up cause I'll blow up like Pro Pane n***a
P-P Pro Pane n***a x4

[Verse 1: Raw Elementz]
Why these n***as tryna stop the kid, Hiphop sh** that I'm marketing got these lame a** n***as on targeting
That's no Pun, but punishment on the capitol with the master flow
Making rappers, get their act up, I'm tryna toast these n***as like the gla** up
I'm incredible like Hercules, Socrates, I kick sh** like soccer tees, remarkably
I put the propane on these n***as, I give the best game to their b**hes
I read my plan and came out the blue gang bang on these n***as
Everybody want a piece of that pie, coming from a city where Kennedies don't survive
But if you a kennedy, you will get smoked down on 635, tryna ride with my pa**ion but get smoked by surprise
A champion you see it in my eyes, on the yellow brick road A true Wizard of the Oz
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All you see is magic round me like a Wizard in my eyes, so don't be surprised
When i write that fire from my wand


[Verse II: Raw Elementz]
I put the propane on the professional, use to dream about it but I know I am that n***a now
These n***as hatin', and Im just escalating to the point where n***as know I'm the truth
There's no debating now, I'm erasing history in my city, and you know I got next like a motha f**in hickie
All my fans stuck in my jam like f**in spiffy, now i'm the man I get more a** than f**in Iggy
Compared to these rappers I'm the raiden of the Game, you come at me I'm sh**tin on you raining on parades
Mentality reacting from hunger pains, makes me want to mence emcees with ninja Gaiden Dragon blades
I'm still wearing the chains of the Under dog, nobody gon e-vick me, I run this house on my team
Young Raw I came down, erased n***as positions.. nobody stoppin me from my mission let's go


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