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DEDASFUC - House of Horrors lyrics

So I hear that there's this little House of Horrors downtown? I think we should go! I think it's like $5...
Uhh, yeah sure let's go, it'll be fun!
YAYYY! *sigh* I'm so excited!

Welcome to our creepy little horror show!
Friends, parents, children, gather around!
I welcomed you, so, say hello
I introduce myself, Machina the Kama Sickle king
Right beside me is my queen, Raven the Ghastly Cannibal

She'll put your kids up in the guillotine
Slit your eyes but hear them scream
Shut off the oxygen so that you can't breathe
Murder is out ecstasy, I promise you won't leave
Stop crying and wait here patiently, you are now our enemies

Veronica's a b**h, so, let's throw her in the gas chamber
Can't wait to sit and watch your bones turning into vapor
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Shut the door up on your hand
Broken fingers for the man
Feed them to the queen, increasing your life span

Someones bound to leave, I hear them planning a f**ing scheme
You want fun? We want fun
Open their cells and let them run
You won't get away, your minds won't ever stay sane
Hit em in the neck with the Kama and melt away all their brains

Bird brain
k**er honey queen, eat their f**ing spleen
She chompin' on these kiddies like a zombie
Love it when they scream
k**er k**ing king
d**h is not my enemy
Step inside our House of Horrors and become our play thing


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