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David "Sluggo" Katz - Elevate/Love Me Love Me (Remix) lyrics


Elevate (Love Me, Love Me)
Elevate (Love Me, Love Me)
Elevate (Love Me, Love Me)
A little higher (I know you're ready to go)

[Verse 1: James]

Forget about your day
Under the Milky Way
I know a place where we can go, oh oh

[Verse 2: Logan]

No need to be afraid
Come on I'll demonstrate
Take you to outer space
Here we go, here we go


Woah oh, woah oh
If you want to party
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Woah oh, woah oh
I know you're down
Woah oh, woh
If you wanna party
You wanna party


[Verse 3: Kendall]

Jaw drop, heart stop, we eye lock
I must be dreaming, don't hit the alarm clock
Under the lights, coming alive, she "thriller" tonight

[Verse 4: Carlos]

Can't stop, won't stop, we party rock
You got them red velvet lips sweet like Betty Crock-ER
So call a doct-OR
Cause someone needs to take your temperature, you're getting hotter



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