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David Pietrzak - Rebuild lyrics

[Verse 1]
Was only fourteen
When I lost faith in everything
Got bullied, I know it stings
But it got me to sing everything I'm seein'
Breathe in a museum of memories
That helped me become me
It's kind of crazy how
Everything works out
The way it should work out
Every time, but still we doubt
Getting all cloudy hearin bout
What they screaming loud
We gonna break on out
I'ma break this down
If I know that I know how
And I hope that I know now
I'ma figure this out
Some how

[Verse 2]
Held the belt to my neck
Had some pills make a wreck
Drank until my head split
Lit the spliff
Dropped some hits
And now I'm better
Since I had no reason to die
There's no reason not to try
To get that life
That I feel is right

[Verse 3]
See I could frown
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Or leave town
But I found with this reason to live
No one can bring me down
When I kicked that stool
Of course that wood would split
Cause I'm here now
It's kind of crazy how d**h brought out the life in me
It's kind of crazy how the dark brought out the light in me
I know i hurt you when you heard what I did on the third
But it's not like it was my first
I mean I tried two times before this
But where were you then?
When I fell into a slumber over these numbers
A thunderstorm's been in my mind my whole life
I'ma break it down
If I know that I know how
And I hope that I know now
I'ma figure this out
No doubt

[Verse 4]
It's kind of crazy
How I don't want you to be anything like me
I mean it's frightening
This life thing
But I'ma sing cus its the only thing
That brings me closer to seeing
What closer is in the now
So were gonna break on out
We're gonna figure this sh** out
And no one can bring us down
No one can break us down
No one can buy me now or ever
Maybe I'm just too clever
Or maybe not

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